Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Birthdays are a wonderful time in our lives, whether its ours, are childrens or our friends. They are a time to reminisce and a time to celebrate new accomplishments. Yesterday was my daughter Kaycies 17th birthday and it was a very emotional day for me. She was going to get her drivers license. I remember what a great feeling that was to me and I think to so many people. You finally gain your independence you can come and go whenever you want and dont have to wait for someone to take you. What a cool time in your life!
I couldnt sleep Sunday night because I was so nervous for her and I was so torn. I wanted her to pass her driving test but I wanted to keep my little girl too. Of course she seemed to be so cool about the whole thing it was just another milestone, another step on her way to growing up.
Monday turned out to be a dreary, rainy, cold day but we got ready and headed out.
The person who was going to administer her driving test was a woman (to her great relief). Her cousins had prepared her well with stories of their experiences all involving big, bald, mean old men. So when she saw a small blond woman she was immediately at ease. As she and the woman drove off I was standing there in the cold by my self and there was another officer standing there. He yelled hey was that Kaycie I shook my head yes and he started talking to me
I guess he could tell I was upset.
Anyway about 5 minutes later she pulled back up and she was grinning from ear to ear. She had done it She Had Her DRIVERS LICENSE!!!! Hurray and Help Me LORD!!!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Country Girl at the Beach

Hello Everybody,
This is my first experience with blogging and thanks to Hopie I have come out of the closet. She was right I have been lurking on her and Brandys sites. I have just been afraid to set up my own blog because I didnt want to do it wrong but what the hey! Wont learn if you dont try. Hopie is my best friend in the whole wide world. She started out just being my aunt in-law. I was married to Ronnie (of Guy and Lubert fame). After a few months of knowing her we became buddies and now were just good ole friends. Our stories are many and what a time we had raising our children togather.
Brandy is my daughter in law who I love and miss very much. She married my son Daniel and they have 3 beautiful ( oops!) handsome sons Draven, kirkland and Grayson. Each one is unique and special blessings to me.
I also have a soon to be 17 year old daughter Kaycie. She has been a blessing and a great help to me in the past few years. I hope to hear from some of you I need some friends! Love for now. Mary ( the lurker)